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November 2003

New Switch Plate Products Are Now Available!

In response to many requests, Rock Solid, Inc. now offers a telephone/cable (t/c) switch plate as one of our standard items. It is available as a single plate or it can be combined with other switch plate openings to create double or triple plates. For example, you can order a t/c with a toggle for the regular double price.

And we also now offer all of our standard single, double, and triple switch plates in oak, maple, and cherry. Plates can be provided raw, for your customer to finish, or we will put on a clear coat finish. Call us for pricing.


Customer Spotlight: Duffy’s Tri-C Club Supply, Inc.

Our customer spotlight shines this month on Duffy’s Tri-C Club Supply, Inc., celebrating 25 years in business. Tri-C, located in Garden City, Michigan provides toiletries and shoe care products to country clubs, health clubs, and other locker rooms and spas across the country.

Rock Solid, Inc. is pleased to provide custom solid surface containers for many of Tri-C’s items, such as soap, mouthwash, sunscreen, and even razors. These items are especially handsome when laser engraved with the club’s logo. Visit Tri-C’s web site at

30” Towel Bars Discontinued

To preserve the quality of our product line, we have decided to discontinue the 30” towel bars. We hope this change will not inconvenience you or your customers.

New Shipping and Handling Rates

To keep up with rising shipping and handling costs, we are forced to increase our shipping rates for the first time in four years. Effective December 1, 2003 the minimum shipping and handling charge on all orders will be $7.50. Charges will go up from there based on weight and number of boxes required to package the order. The COD charge will be $8.50 plus the normal shipping and handling cost. If you are a COD customer, you may want to avoid the extra charge by using Mastercard or Visa, or you may request a credit application to open an account with us.